Tips For Buying Kratom Online For The First Time

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

buying kratom online for the first time

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Buying Kratom online is often going to be an uneasy process the first time around for many people.

Let's be honest here: you're not buying books or swim trunks off of Amazon.

Kratom is definitely one of those lesser known semi-shady 'internet products' that isn't sold by mainstream retailers.

To make matters more difficult: You are bombarded with so many different strain choices, vendors, colors, and differing user opinions about everything.

buying kratom online for the first time

With so many new vendors popping up all the time, it can stressful to order and not know who is going to deliver you high quality Kratom without any issues and who is going to either send you bogus product or simply take your money.

We went through all of the bullshit of finding a reliable/high quality/safe source for Kratom years ago and we do not wish that headache upon anyone else.

As we've talked about before, a HUGE part of the reason we created Herbal Samurai was to professionalize this industry and create a reliable elite quality Kratom source for both new & experienced burners.

We saw an opening for a vendor that did things differently and we took advantage of it, and we haven't looked back since.

This article is going to break down the different criteria you MUST evaluate when looking for a good vendor to buy kratom online for your very first time.

buying kratom online for the first time

Kratom Quality (Most Important)

This one is the most important criteria by far.

As we've talked about before, there is a gigantic difference in the quality of Kratom out there.

Mediocre (or below average) Kratom will be a waste of your money and great Kratom will make you instantly realize why this plant has become so popular in recent years.

Down in Indonesia, where 99% of today's Kratom is produced, there are many different plantations that grow Kratom.

While Indonesia has very tight cleanliness & export standards (most Kratom is admittedly extremely clean), there are NO quality standards.

This means that a plantation can produce mediocre Kratom that offers a weak aroma and still export it to the U.S.

What happens ALL THE TIME is some vendor tries to cut corners and simply make a bulk order of Kratom from a random cheap plantation in Indonesia.

The plantation sends the vendor a huge amount of bunk Kratom that this vendor is now stuck with, so they try to unload it. These are almost always the vendors selling at the lowest prices.

With Kratom, you absolutely get what you pay for.

Spending $8 for an ounce of Kratom versus ordering from a vendor that sells for $13 might save you $5 but the aroma is likely to be roughly just a mere 20-30% of the aroma of the higher priced product.

This is just how Kratom works.

 buying kratom online for the first time

So how can you tell which vendors have high quality?

The best indicator is price.

For the most part: The higher the price of the Kratom, the higher the quality.

The best plantations in Indonesia charge U.S. vendors much higher prices for high quality product.

The vendors that use high quality plantations reflect this in their prices.

We could absolutely switch from our current fantastic plantation to a much lower quality cheaper one but our product quality that our customers enjoy would suffer tremendously.

Although we could probably offer lower prices, we would no longer be known for having such top notch quality.

Just to save our customers a few bucks per ounce, they would get maybe 25% of the Kratom experience they're used to.

No thanks.

Quality is everything.

DO NOT jeopardize your first experience with Kratom by buying mediocre product to save a few dollars.

If you do, you'll likely say 'This isn't for me' and write off Kratom completely.

We've repeated the following statement like a broken record but it really is the truth:

To fully experience the magic of Kratom, you absolutely MUST only purchase high quality Kratom.

buying kratom online for the first time

Other Criteria

You know that quality is the most important criteria.

The following factors are less critical but are still important and you should understand what to look for when buying Kratom online for the very first time.

Order/Payment Process

If you're ordering kratom for the first time, something you probably don't know is that Kratom is considered a 'high risk industry' by many U.S. banks.

This doesn't mean that Kratom is 'high risk' or that you're likely to get scammed.

It just means that banks (who are ultra risk-averse and super-bureaucratic) tend to NOT process payments for Kratom vendors until they are doing a certain threshold of monthly revenue.

Several Kratom vendors use an unreliable international/Asian credit card processor or cannot accept credit cards at all.

buying kratom online for the first time

Some vendors accept third party services like Dwolla. (PayPal does not allow Kratom).

We strongly recommend that you use a Kratom vendor that can process credit cards and does so from either the U.S. or Canada.

These will be mainstream credit card processors and everything will likely be smooth & secure.

At Herbal Samurai, we use a very reliable mainstream credit card processor that is not based in China or some other far away location.

We've heard horror stories of customers being charged 2 or 3 times for a single order by these sketchy offshore processors.

You will never experience any kind of crap like that here at Herbal Samurai.

Ordering is simple, easy, and most importantly safe with us.

buying kratom online for the first time


Kratom is a lightweight and easily packaged product.

Any vendor that does not ship either same-day or the very next business day is wasting your time.

Also, any vendor that is charging you more than 5 bucks for standard domestic shipping (which takes just 2 to 3 days) is hustling you.

At Herbal Samurai we have a separate shipping department that is solely dedicated to processing & shipping all orders. They usually ship same day but sometimes the next business day depending on order volume that day.

Shipping is very cheap at $3.99 for 2-3 day shipping.

buying kratom online for the first time

A popular newbie question: What strains should I try first?

There are seemingly endless color options and a hundred different types.

This is a tough question to answer because many Kratom incense burners tend to enjoy different aromas. There is no one specific incense that is better than another.

Everyone responds differently.

With this in mind, we carry a super-convenient Starter Pack that is a fantastic deal on three versatile strains.

It contains all three primary Kratom colors (red, green, & white) that are from three distinct regions (Indo, Maeng Da, Bali)

This is the very best option for beginners.

You need to only purchase very high quality Kratom, order securely, and receive your product quickly.

Herbal Samurai provides the best quality Kratom available anywhere, laser fast shipping, and very secure payment options.

Our mission is to ensure that buying Kratom online for the first time is an easy and rewarding experience for you.

You're in good hands here.

- Herbal Samurai

P.S. Grab 10% off your very first order by using the code HS10 at checkout!

Disclaimer: No products on this website are sold for human consumption. Nothing conveyed on this website is medical advice. The information presented here is strictly for entertainment purposes only and reflects the sole personal experiences of the authors.

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