5 Ways Kratom Can Make You More Productive

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

5 Ways Kratom Can Make You More Productive

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Much has been said about the benefits of Kratom in recent years.

For most people, this product is legit and the effects from the aroma are the real deal.

One of the very best aspects of Kratom incense is that there are so many unique strains and colors. This allows for several aromas each with different benefits.

Many burners find Kratom's aroma to be quite calming and relaxing. Others find it to be good for soothing pain. Others burn Kratom for it's uplifting effects.

These are the most often cited benefits of Kratom incense and some of the most popular uses of it.

Despite all that, an increasing number of burners have been wondering whether Kratom could actually make them more productive. You might be wondering this too.

Since Kratom is not technically a stimulant, most folks dismiss its value as a productivity enhancer.

These folks, who are looking for focus and energy instead of relaxation, might miss out on something great by disregarding Kratom

We are here to tell you today, right now, that this is one of the worst mistakes you could make with this product.

The aroma from kratom incense can be an excellent productivity enhancer if it is burned correctly and if the right strains are chosen.

We're going to tell you the 5 ways that Kratom can make your more productive. Before we do that however, you need to know a few things.

First, if you're goal with Kratom incense is focus and energy then you must burn lower amounts of it.

The amount to burn will likely be around 3 grams if this is your goal. For most other uses such as relation, the average burned amount is 5+ grams.

As well, you should stick to burning only the white and green strains of Kratom incense. Red vein Kratom incense is not as good for productivity. The aroma is much more calming.

Knowing both of these key pieces of information, lets look at 5 easy ways Kratom can make you more productive:

1. Kratom Aromas Can Be Highly Motivating


Kratom incense can create that 'kick' to get up and do stuff that needs to get done.

When burned, the aroma from Kratom tingles the delta receptors. Without getting too deep into the gritty science behind it, this is good because the delta receptor is responsible for motivation and mood.

Most compounds out there have too much of an effect on the body's receptors and the result is that motivation tends to be last thing that anyone experiences.

Burning Kratom incense produces a much more mild aroma and this aroma effects the receptors just enough to provide motivation and an uplift in mood.

This is also why burning lower amounts at a time (roughly 3 grams) is best for experiencing stimulating and motivating aromas.

2. Kratom Can Help You Stay Focused On One Task


In today's world, there are so many things that divert our attention away from the task at hand. Smart phones, Facebook, crazy news stories...

It's easy to get distracted. Most of us can't sit still for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Many users of Kratom find that the aroma makes it easier to stay focused on one task at a time.

While Kratom isn't necessarily a nootropic (smart drug), it shares this similar characteristic of reducing distractions.

The aroma can often create a strong tunnel-vision effect that allows for an activity to be completed much quicker since there is much less multi-tasking.

3. Burning Kratom Incense Can Enhance Creativity


This is a fantastic benefit if you're involved in a creative field such as writing.

Kratom incense is well known amongst burners for it's pro-social enhancing effects.

This is likely why it is so good for creative tasks- The ideas, words, and everything else just comes right out.

Less thinking and over-analyzing, more allowing the magic to flow out.

Unlike other 'compounds' that may enhance creativity, Kratom aromas generally don't dull your intellect and it sure won't make you lazy.

4. Burning Kratom Is Better Than Coffee (and skips the crash)


Coffee is fantastic. We all love it and we are not bashing it at all.

Two negatives of coffee include the mild jittery side effects as well as the inevitable caffeine crash.

The aroma from high quality fast Kratom could provide even stronger stimulation than coffee, but since it does not contain caffeine or any other real stimulants there is no crash.

The aroma simply fades away without one really noticing, unlike coffee which has you yawning incessantly when the effects wear off.

For this reason, we personally much prefer the aroma from Kratom to that of a cup of coffee (and we do love coffee).

5. Kratom Incense Can Keep You Relaxed While You're Working


This one should be pretty straight forward. As we discussed in the beginning of the article, Kratom is primarily known for its relaxing and calming aromas.

The truth is that it is very good for these purposes when burned.

While this is great on its own, its also a great benefit for those looking for productivity.

The aroma can keep one relaxed and chilled out even when they're working hard for hours on end.

This can allow for more overall work to be accomplished since there is less burnout and fatigue.

Where Can I Buy Kratom That Helps With Productivity?


Herbal Samurai has you covered.

While all of our strains are of the highest quality available, we are particularly well known for our fast strains.

These fast strains are what should be burned by those looking to increase their productivity.

Since our Kratom incense is elite grade, you do not need to burn a lot of it to get the aroma you're after. This is especially beneficial for those looking for energizing aromas, since lower amounts are better for this purpose.

Check out our fast strains here, and use the code HS10 for 10% off your first order with us.

Until next time,

Your friends at Herbal Samurai.

Kratom For Productivity

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