Buying Kratom Online Vs. Buying Kratom Locally

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

Buying Kratom Online Vs. Buying Kratom Locally

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With Kratom becoming incredibly popular in the U.S. over the last 5 years, there has been a lot of discussion about it.

Enthusiasts everywhere cannot stop debating absolutely everything about it.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding this fun little plant.

One of the hottest points of debate right now is whether you should buy kratom online or buy kratom locally at a nearby head shop.

Some people think buying online is great because the kratom tends to be fresher, while others think head shops are the way to go because you get to physically see the powder before you buy it and you also receive it the same day.

Who's right?

You could make a case for either, but our vast experience in the 'Kratom Industry' strongly favors one option over the other.

Let's find out which is likely the better choice for you.

Herbal Samurai's Fun Little Adventure With Head Shop Kratom


Collectively, we've purchased kratom from 4 or 5 different head shops before. All of it was for our personal use, we do not sell any head shop kratom on our website.

All of our Kratom comes from our Indonesian super-plantation and adheres to our strict Samurai quality & cleanliness standards.

Anyways, during the second half of 2014 we tried 4 or 5 different head shops. Across the board, we were not impressed.

First of all- the prices for all of the head shop kratom was roughly double the cost of even the most premium grade kratom found online (including ours).

We're talking upwards of $30 an ounce.

You're probably thinking: 'that must be some excellent kratom for $30 an ounce'. You would be wrong.

In fact, very wrong. For all but one of the head shops, the kratom was downright ineffective.

Burning it produced absolutely zero beneficial effects.

(We only burn kratom as incense or make soap with it or use it for arts & crafts, remember that kratom isn't sold for human consumption...)

That warm magical kratom aroma that comes from burning the incense was never there.

What a massive disappointment.

One of the head shop's kratom produced a mediocre aroma. Nothing special and definitely not worth $30 an ounce.

It should have cost $3 an ounce instead.

We thought that maybe we just got unlucky with all 5 head shops that we sampled so we did some research on various online forums. Other kratom burners reported similar experiences: overpriced & under-effective kratom.

We think the primary reason for this is because kratom is just a small part of a head shop's inventory. They only order a relatively small amount of it and it usually sits around for a while before it gets sold. This causes the kratom to usually go stale by the time the customer buys it.

With online kratom vendors, the focus is squarely on selling kratom. The good vendors will constantly have fresh inventory because they sell a lot of product.

Also, head shops have massive fixed costs compared to online stores. This is unavoidable.

They literally need to buy the crappiest low-cost kratom they can find and mark it up big time. This is the price you as the consumer pay to be able to get your kratom the very same day from a physical store.

We do not think it is worth it.

So Should I Just Buy Kratom Online?


The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a little more complicated.

While you can find some very high quality kratom online, the truth is that there is a massive gap between the quality of each vendor.

Some vendors have unreal good quality, other vendors sell utter garbage.

It's very wild west. This is not a regulated industry so most vendors think they can get away with ripping off customers.

In addition, a lot of vendors do not take shipping or customer service very seriously.

They think it's cool for customers to wait days on end to receive an order. They also religiously don't believe in responding to emails quickly.

We know this because we ourselves have ordered from 40+ different online kratom vendors over the last few years.

Some are great, the vast majority suck in more ways than one.

Which Vendor Is Actually Reliable & Has High Quality Kratom?


As we've talked about before, the lack of exceptional kratom vendors was the driving force behind our decision to open up Herbal Samurai.

We gained access to an elite grade supply of high quality Kratom straight from the source.

The aroma is potent (when burned as incense), it's ultra clean, and it contains zero bogus fillers.

We also firmly believe in providing super fast shipping and responsive customer support as we enjoy these things ourselves when we shop online.

We created Herbal Samurai and never looked back. Our kratom has exploded in terms of popularity which tells us that Kratom enthusiasts across the U.S. and throughout the world think we're doing things correctly.

Or maybe they just really like our Kratom.

At Herbal Samurai, we've got you absolutely covered from head to toe, A-Z, for your entire Kratom journey.

Our Kratom is the highest quality we've ever found, it's clean, and we'll get it to you in 2 or 3 days. (We ship same day or the very next morning).

Our customer support agent Jen is very friendly and will help you with absolutely anything you need. She likes talking to other humans.

Anyways- That's it for this blog post.

We hope you've learned something about buying kratom online vs. buying it from a head shop.

We had to learn the hard way ($$$) but hopefully you won't have to.

Trust us. It sucks. Buy from a trusted online vendor with elite quality Kratom and avoid all the nonsense.

Buy from Herbal Samurai.

Right now, you can get 10% off your first order with us using the code HS10.

We recommend our Starter Pack if you're a newbie, but all of our strains are awesome.

Until next time,

Your friends at Herbal Samurai

Buying Kratom Online Vs. Buying Kratom Locally

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