Is Kratom Legal In The US

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

Is Kratom Legal In the US?

Nowadays the issue which the pharmacy and medical world is facing is about legality of the plant kratom. This plant was introduced in the market after much research and was proven to have many medicinal characters which are beneficial for its user, the aroma is very effective for pain and it generally does not cause any kind of addiction.

The issue now today is that it is available easily in the market so it could possibly be abused or you can say irrational use has become common due to which the adverse effects are seen more than its uses.

With the decision of banning this plant many people are upset as it was a source of relief for them. The people in power e.g. FDA thinks they are doing this for benefit of mankind but the results show a totally different picture.

There are many countries where it is declared illegal but you must be wondering whether kratom is legal in the US or not, then the good news is that yes it is still legal their and Americans are enjoying its benefits.

The issue here is that if the purpose of banning this plant is to protect patients from expected harm then it’s better to ban few of the alkaloids whose safety profile have not yet confirmed and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

What to be aware of before buying Kratom:

If you want to buy this plant then do check the legal rules of the locality you live in to avoid illegal buying, this plant is easily available on online stores but buying it can possibly cause legal issues for you if you live in one of the 6 states that have banned Kratom.

The 6 States where kratom is ill legal:







These states also have banned this plant due to many political propagandas because it is available at very cheap prices so its sale is becoming popular more than other pharmaceautical products.  To protect their product sale this product has been banned, major drug companies and the FDA are imposing a threat on Kratom.

Although the sale of the drug has nothing to be concern with the politics, problems are still being created.

Other than the above 6 states, the Kratom Legal Status in the U.S. says that this herb is not banned and can be used by the Americans freely.

They have only banned few alkaloids which are considered unsafe at the very moment but may be research reveal something new.

You need to only purchase high quality kratom if you want to get the most of out of it. Mediocre Kratom is simply not good enough.

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