Kratom vs Coffee

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

Kratom Vs Coffee

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Kratom was discovered by Pieter Korthals at the start of the 19th century. Nevertheless, the native people of South East Asia have used it for centuries before he named it 'Kratom'.

Leaves from the Kratom tree have been used for medicinal and other functions that were conventional and beneficial at the time. They were used by brewing a concoction in the leaves much like coffee. Kratom was a popular morning beverage and drank by the farmers and labourers who needed energy for work.

Kratom leaves are dried, powdered and grinded down after being picked. The leaves have curative qualities since it includes useful alkaloids, among which is Mitragynine and Hydorxymitragynine. These alkaloids have mu-opioid properties which are ordinarily use to treat severe pain and uplift mood.

Kratom Vs. Coffee

Coffee is often related in terms of its effects after being ingested and how it's used to enhance kratom. Its many users consider Kratom a safe herbal plant, provided of course that like another incense products, should be burned in moderation. Additionally, Kratom must not be combined with other materials only to create a high feeling because such activity damages the medicinal quality of the plant.

Kratom is a powdered form, while coffee is essentially in the legumes or beans instead of leaves or powder. Both have exciting and calming effects, so using the one that you've never used before can cause beneficial effects which you might not have experienced before.

When you ingest a higher amount of coffee that is more than your normal consumption, your system responds differently, and this can be also the same for kratom. However kratom is estimated to have effects that are more powerful and therefore you need to dilute it with water.

Kratom Vs. Coffee Addiction Potential


Kratom like many other herbal plants which can be used for medicinal purposes is non-addictive, neither can it be unhealthy provided it is burned as incense as directed. It should be recognized that  using coffee for years and after that abruptly stop drinking it would cause some withdrawal effects, and would cause the body to crave it.

That is the same for Kratom.

Where Can I Get Kratom?

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