The Complete Guide To Kratom Strains

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

The Complete Guide To Kratom Strains

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Many beginners get overwhelmed when they see so many different kratom strains available to them, but they should not fear. When you are looking to buy kratom online, it is important to read a complete kratom strains guide and learn about the various strains available before you buy.

It becomes easy to learn the differences between kratom strains and include them correctly within an ideal kratom rotation. We have outlined all of the important information in this quick guide.

When buying kratom online, a beginner usually sees many different strains such as “Green Vein Indo” and “White Maeng Da”.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the name of a particular strain.

Different strains are most commonly named based on geographic region they were grown in, and also by the color of the vein within the kratom leaf itself.

Some strains may be named based on unique physical qualities of the leaf, or the alkaloid content of that specific leaf. As an example, Maeng Da is a variant of Thai kratom but it is a more powerful strain of kratom based on alkaloid content and thus has a separate name.

With this basic knowledge, you will be able to figure out which strains are best for you before you go and buy kratom online.

When looking at the different Kratom strains, it is important to look at the color, the quality of the aroma, and the region it was grown in. These are the 'big 3' characteristics.

The strain color of Kratom is generally red, green or white. This simply refers to the colour of the stem inside the kratom leaf; when you buy kratom online, the strains will all be a greenish shade in powder form.

Kratom Strains By Color

Red Vein Kratom


Burning Red vein kratom aromas tend to be the most relaxing, sedating, and offers the most pain relief of any of the three colours. The resulting aroma is also highly effective for eliminating anxiety and for sleep.

The aroma of red vein kratom depends on the region it was grown in. For example, Red Bali and Orange Vein Indo tend to be highly calming and relaxing when burned, as Bali & Indo are both slower strains. Red Sumatra and Red blends tend to produce quite energetic and motivating aromas despite being Red Vein.

The relaxing properties from the red vein color can make for very unique and pleasant aromas when burned.

Green Vein Kratom


Green vein kratom aromas are generally in-between red vein and white vein kratom in terms of relaxation and stimulation.

For most, this aroma tends to be the most euphoric color of kratom. Burning green vein is also quite good for productivity, and also provides excellent anxiety relief.

For all of the regions of where kratom is grown, Green vein tends to produce a highly euphoric aroma regardless of the country or geographic area.

For example, Green Maeng Da is generally found to be one of the best strains for productivity because it provides energy from the Maeng Da incense, and uplifting mood effects from being a green strain. Green Vein Indo and Jungle Indo are both extremely uplifting strains of Kratom incense, as are most high quality green veins.

White Vein Kratom


When burned, white vein kratom is generally highly energizing and motivating. It provides a stimulatory aroma without causing side effects such as anxiety or jitters.

Burning it (as incense) is excellent for productivity, getting work done, or physical exertion. The specific aroma of white vein kratom can vary slightly depending on the strain of kratom.

Generally though, all white vein kratom is on the faster side. For most people, White Maeng Da is the most energizing aroma available. Even White Vein Indo is quite stimulating, despite the regions being known for more relaxing kratom aromas.

Kratom Strains By Region

Indo Kratom


Indo, or Indonesian, Kratom is a slower strain of kratom and tends to be more relaxing when burned. The aroma is excellent for enhancing mood when burned. Indo kratom is also highly effective at reducing stress and providing pain relief.

The aroma from Indonesian kratom can provide a strong euphoria, enhanced pro-social behaviour, and a tranquil sense of well-being.

Indo is one of the most versatile strains, with Red Vein IndoGreen Vein Indo, and White Vein Indo all being excellent choices.

Bali Kratom & Borneo Kratom


Bali kratom is one of the  most common, effective, and cheapest strains of kratom available.

It is from the island of Borneo, and Bali is simply another name for Borneo kratom. It is called Bali because it is almost always shipped from the port of Bali.

Bali and Borneo are interchangeable names for the same strain.

Across all colours, Bali is considered to be a more calming and sedating aroma. It is also well known for providing powerful analgesic effects when burned as incense in larger doses.

It is not as stimulating as other strains, however the relaxation aromas from Bali are unmatched. Red Vein Bali is the most popular strain of Bali kratom.

Thai Kratom


This strain has a more stimulating and energizing aroma than Indo does, however it is not as fast as Maeng Da. Burning it is effective as an anxiety reliever and for stress reduction, however it is less relaxing than Indo kratom.

The Thai kratom doesn’t grow in Thailand as it is illegal to sell and grow kratom there. Thai kratom is most commonly grown in Indonesia using ancient Thailand practices and Thai kratom seeds.

It is also a cheap strain, and a favourite among burners looking for stimulation while still gaining anxiety and stress relief.

Maeng Da Kratom


The easiest way to think of Maeng Da would be as Thai Kratom’s bigger, stronger older brother. The aroma is exceptionally uplifting for one’s mood and provides powerful energizing effects.

Maeng Da literally means 'pimp grade' and it is a hard hitting incense.

Many have found burning Maeng Da kratom incense to be an excellent alternative to using other stimulants as a method of vastly increasing productivity. Maeng Da is one of the fastest kratom strains available.

The aroma is not as well known for pain relief as strains such as Bali, however when burned in high doses it can be quite effective for anxiety relief and relaxation.

Less of it is required to get the same aroma as other strains, and the aromas are generally stronger.

One noted benefit of Maeng Da kratom that most people claim is that burning it may greatly improve pro-social behaviour and reduce social anxiety. Maeng Da is frequently sold in all three colours; Red, White, & Green.

Malaysian Kratom (Malay)


Malay is an interesting strain of kratom. Most Malay kratom on the market today is quite weak in terms of its aroma.

With that said, a select few suppliers produce extremely high quality Maeng Da that can be burned for excellent productivity and sense of tranquil calmness.

GOOD Malay kratom is also one of the the longest lasting aromas, and is perfect for extended use. It can often be mixed with other strains as it increased stimulation and extends the effects of other strains.

Malaysian kratom is one of the most hit or miss strains available, right now we are out of stock since it is not as good this time of the year. Once we have a supply option for top grade Malay it will be back in stock.

Vietnam Kratom


Vietnam Kratom is not as popular as the main strains mentioned above, and not carried by all vendors.

It can be tough to find but the aroma is excellent and it can provide a nice break in tolerance from the more popular incenses such as Indo or Bali.

We carry a high quality Dark Green Vietnam strain that we released for public sale in March 2016 and it has been a huge hit since then.

Stem & Vein Kratom


Stem & Vein is composed of the raw Kratom leaf that was originally discarded during harvesting and drying processes. The alkaloids in Stem & Vein are completely unique from regular plain leaf kratom, however can provide similar pleasant and relaxing aromas.

Since Stem & Vein is different from regular kratom, stem & vein has been burned effectively to reduce one’s tolerance to kratom.

We occasionally have stem & vein in stock, it is not one of our main products.

Regular Kratom (everything we discussed above) will often be much better in every single way than stem and vein.

Kratom Extracts


The Kratom Extract is made by grinding the kratom resin down into an even finer powder.

Extracts are extremely potent and provide very strong euphoric aromas.

Extracts will also build tolerance to kratom incense extremely fast.

We strongly feel that extracts are financially and physically much worse than they the benefits they may provide in the very short-term.


Vendors that sell extracts are extremely irresponsible and jeopardise the legality of kratom.

Burning high quality plain leaf kratom has very few downsides, provides excellent aromas, and is highly cost effective.

We will only ever sell plain leaf kratom and we will never sell any extracts (they are garbage and unsafe).

Where To Buy High Quality Kratom Strains?


It's important to buy kratom online from a vendor that takes the time to source out each strain individually.

The best plantations in Indonesia tend to produce only a few select strains. These strains would be that plantation's speciality strains.

A good Kratom vendor will take the time (and added financial cost) to find multiple plantations to provide the very best quality kratom for each strain.

At Herbal Samurai, that is the exact approach we've taken.

We work with multiple elite quality plantations directly and we ensure that each of our strains is the best possible grade of that strain.

With some vendors, they might have a great Maeng Da but average Indo and Bali strains. This is quite common.

With Herbal Samurai we promise that you will enjoy every single strain we have. Each one has been hand-selected and individually tested for quality control.

You can view all of our strains here. A good option if you're a newbie is our Samurai Starter Pack.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

- Herbal Samurai

Kratom Strains Guide

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