Top 8 Benefits Of Kratom

Posted by Herbal Samurai on 27 June, 2017

Top Benefits Of Kratom

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Throughout the centuries human beings have been burning several herb /plants for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Many of these herbs possess various benefits.  Mitragyna speciosa, otherwise known as Kratom, is one such plant. It is usually found in South Asian Region, specifically Thailand. The plant has been used in traditional medicine by native South Asian people for centuries. However, it has just been a few years kratom has been gaining popularity in western countries because of its vast number of benefits.

Top 8 Benefits of Kratom

We have examined and compiled a list of the best benefits of kratom. Some of the top most benefits are given below.

1. Works As A Pain Killer


Although the higher doses of kratom have a sedative effect, the smaller doses are known to work as an excellent pain killer. Kratom leaves contain a minute amount of alkaloids, specifically 7-hydroroxymitragynine and mitragynine, which have similar effects as natural endorphins produced by human body.

These analgesic properties block the perception of pain in the human body which makes kratom leaves as one of the best remedies for people having consistent pain. These pain releasing qualities are one of the top most benefits of kratom because of which individuals in the western countries are ditching their usual chemical-based pain killers for kratom.

2. Works as an Immune System Stimulant


One of the other benefits of kratom is that it works as an immune system enhancer. People who frequently use kratom leaves say that they rarely feel sick but if they do their sickness duration is far less than that of people who don’t use kratom leaves.  Although, the skeptics argue that more research is needed to confirm this particular benefit of the kratom leaves, but the presence of alkaloids such as Isorhynchophylline and iso pteropodine indicate in the plant its immune system stimulant properties. 

3. Increase Energy


Energy boosting is one of the most attractive benefits of kratom. The herb increases the energy levels by enhancing the metabolic system and stimulates the hormone concentrations in the body. Furthermore, kratom leaves also increases the oxygen level in blood streams which provide a boost to the energy. People with chronic fatigue syndrome have been using this herb as a natural alternative to their drugs.

4. Anti-Depression and Anxiety


Another benefit of kratom is that individuals who use it say that it has an uplifting effect. Small doses of kratom increase the energy and remove any negative thoughts. It is also one of the most effective herbs that work as anti-anxiety and stress. However, the higher doses of the kratom have eutrophic effects.

5. Enhance Concentration


Another benefit of using kratom is that it is a fantastic focus booster.  Kratom removes increases your mental energy and makes you feel attentive. People with ADD and ADHD disorders use kratom leaves as an alternative to their chemical based drugs

6. Reduce Insomnia


The higher doses of kratom work as a sedative, however, you don't need to use higher doses to cure your insomnia. Smaller but daily doses of Kratom can help you sleep better because kratom leaves have an anti-depression effect. People who use kratom say that they feel like being in a hypnotic state and experience more dreams.

7. Increases Sexual Energy


As mentioned earlier, kratom leaves provide a boost in energy by increasing the blood circulation and enhancing metabolism. According to research one of the benefits of kratom leaves is that it is a known enhancer of the sexual libido and fertility.

8. Eases Withdrawal Effects


People who leave a drug habit or addiction experience nausea, pain and urge to use again. One of the best benefits of kratom is that it works like a charm against these withdrawals after effects. It cures

Final Word


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