Effects Of Kratom

Effects Of Kratom

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If you’ve recently discovered Kratom, you’re probably quite curious as to what the effects are from burning it.

Since Kratom is in a sort of 'grey-area' in terms of how it is recognized by the FDA, explicit direct instructions about how it works and what it does is rarely provided by vendors.

On this page, we are going to provide simple answers to the most common questions regarding the effects of Kratom.

Questions about the effects of kratom are quite common. After reading this quick little page, you will know everything you need to know.

What are the general effects of Kratom incense?

The aroma from kratom (when it is burned as incense) has been noted to reduce anxiety, uplift mood, increase motivation, and relieve pain.

Some strains of Kratom incense tend to produce aromas that are more energizing or stimulating.

With that said, burning virtually any strain of kratom can provide a noticeable reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood.

In general, strains are classified as either slow, medium, or fast.

What Are The Effects Of Slow Kratom Strains?

Slow Kratom strain aromas produce an aroma that is much less energizing & stimulating, however it is a lot more sedating and relaxing.

These aromas are typically also effective for pain relief.

Slow strains generally include Bali Kratom, Red Vein Indo Kratom, Red Sumatra Kratom, Gold Vein Indo Kratom, and Orange Vein Indo Kratom.

What Are The Effects Of Medium Kratom Strains?

Medium Kratom Strain aromas tend to be a good mix between relaxation and stimulation.

These strains typically produce some of the most motivating and euphoric kratom aromas of any strain.

These strains include Green Vein Indo, Green Vein Jungle, and most other green veins.

What Are The Effects Of Fast Kratom Strains?

Fast Kratom Strain aromas tend to be more energizing, motivating, and stimulating than other slower kratom strains.

The faster strains tend to be Maeng Da kratom, Thai kratom, and many types of White Vein Kratom.

Learn more about all of the different kratom strains here.

How Long Do The Effects Of Kratom Last?

When Kratom is burned in the household as herbal incense, the aromas tend to last for an average of 4 to 5 hours. This number is fairly consistent among kratom burners.

Kratom Dosage & Effects?

The amount of Kratom burned has an important impact on the aroma you will experience. Many people find the effects to be stimulating and energizing when burning a lower amounts of 2 to 5 grams.

When burning higher amounts of 6 to 8+ grams most people find the aroma to be more sedating and relaxing. Both low and high doses of kratom usually produce euphoric and anxiety reduction aromas.

Maeng Da Kratom Effects?

Maeng Da Kratom, which means pimp grade, tends to produce very energizing aromas.

All Maeng Da Kratom is fast Kratom. Different colors of Maeng Da tend to produce slightly different aromas with special effects.

White Maeng Da aromas tends to provide the greatest increase in pro-social confidence.

Golden Maeng Da aroma is excellent for raw energy and focus.

Red Maeng Da is known to produce an aroma that is stimulating but also relaxing.

Green Maeng Da Kratom can create an aroma that is very motivating, uplifting, and excellent for productive activities.

Bali Kratom Efects?

Bali Kratom tends to create an aroma that is highly sedating, relaxing, calming, and effective for pain relief.

The most common type of Bali Kratom is Red Bali, but there are also other types including White Bali and Green Bali.

The names Bali and Borneo are used interchangeably when describing Kratom as they are the same region.

Indo Kratom Effects?

Indo Kratom tends to be the most versatile type of Kratom and also some of the most popular.

Red Vein Indo is similar in aroma to Bali Kratom in that it is very slow and relaxing when burned as incense.

Green Vein Indo produces an aroma that can be highly euphoric and uplifting.

White Vein Indo is a fast strain and resembles Maeng Da Kratom aromas.

Kratom Effects and The Importance of QUALITY

With all strains of kratom, the potency of the aroma you experience is extremely dependent on the quality of the Kratom you are burning.

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