Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Order From Herbal Samurai?

Ordering from Herbal Samurai is very easy.

Simply add products to your cart, and then check-out. Once you've placed your order, you'll be given instructions on how to quickly pay for your order using Western Union or bank transfer.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

Once you place your order by hitting the 'complete order' button or speaking with a phone agent, your order is NOT yet complete.

You need to pay for your order.

You will be given instructions after placing your order with full details.

What currency are your prices in?

All prices are in Dollars (USD).

What does the actual Kratom that I will receive look like?

Our strains of Kratom are a very high quality finely ground powder. All kratom is a shade of green with some variation between the different strains. No dyes or colour altering substances is added to our products.

The label on the bag you receive will state the base strain. For example, if you order Swift Samurai (White Maeng Da) the bag will say White Maeng Da on it.

Are your products intended for consumption?

None of our products are to be ingested, snorted, injected or consumed by humans in any form. Please see our terms of use.

How are your prices determined?

Prices are strictly determined by the market value of the specific strain. We sell only the highest possible quality kratom available, and as such, our prices reflect this.

Why is your high quality Kratom superior to other vendors?

There is a wide gap in quality between various kratom vendors. A strategy that a lot of vendors have taken is to source out the cheapest kratom from suppliers in Asia. The prevailing strategy is to pass on those savings on to the consumer.

The problem we have with that business model is that the prices charged by these vendors are only trivially lower, however the quality of their Kratom suffers by a much greater amount.

At Herbal Samurai, we believe in selling the highest quality product. We've put in the time to partner with plantations in Southeast Asia that consistently produce the highest quality kratom while complying with the most stringent cleanliness standards. We feel that our superior quality is well worth the market price of our high quality strains. Please view our Samurai Standard for more information.

Do you sell extracts or enhanced products?

We do not sell extracts or enhanced products.

Can I order in larger volumes? What About Bulk/Wholesale?

Yes. To order 5 KG or more please email us at We sell retail kassist you with any wholesale/bulk requirements.

Do you offer Kratom in capsule form?

No. Once again our products are not sold for human consumption and therefore will only be sold as a bulk botanical in finely ground powder form.

Will you include extras/bonuses/gifts in my order?

In every single bag of Kratom that you receive from us, you'll always receive extra beyond the 500g or 1kg amount. At times, we will include a small sample size of a new different strain.