Kratom Strains

Kratom Strains

Bali/Borneo Kratom:

Bali Kratom is from the island of Bali, located as part of the Southern chain of islands in Indonesia. Bali and Borneo Kratom are interchangeable.

In general, Bali Kratom incense produces a relaxing, slow aroma when burned.

Red Bali is a special aroma and a widely popular strain. White Bali/Borneo is more for day meditations.

Indo Kratom:

Indo kratom strains can originate from either the East or West islands of Indonesia. In general, Indo strains will either be a Sumatra, Riau, or Kalimantan strain.

Our Indo strains depend on the season, since certain regions produce better Kratom strains during different times of the year.

In general, Indonesian strain are medium in terms of speed and the colour of the leaf plays the biggest role.

Red Indo is similar in aroma to Red Bali, but is a faster kratom strain.

Green Indo is a moderate incense with a very uplifting aroma. Green Kali is similar to Green Indo, however it is from deep within the North Kalimantan Jungle. Many find it to be an even more uplifting aroma than Green Indo.

Gold Indo and Orange Indo are very relaxed incenses (when burned or used for soap-making).

White Indo is a faster strain of Kratom, almost on par with Maeng Da.

Maeng Da/Thai Kratom

Both of these kratom strains come from Indonesia now, despite the name and a historical connection to Thailand.

In general, they are found to be a more potent aroma than many other kratom strains, however they can be less relaxing.

Maeng Da comes in Red, Green, White, and Gold.

Thai Kratom strains are a little more rare, especially in Indonesia, but Red Thai is still a popular strain in 2015.

Malaysian Kratom

Most Malaysian Kratom strains are very average. It lacks the same kick as other Kratom incenses and is not very uplifting.

The good news is two-fold however. First, good Malay Kratom DOES exist. We carry very good Malay Kratom... it was a hassle to find it.

Two, Malaysian Kratom is good for rotating in between Indonesian strains in your regular burning schedule (of Kratom as incense).

GOOD Malay Kratom has it's place and is quite useful.

This quick guide is enough to get you going with all your need to know about the various kratom strains.

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