Kratom Quality Standards

Herbal Samurai Standards

Kratom Quality

After trying as many vendors and farmers as we have, we've concluded that there is a lot of carelessness taken in all parts of the processes mentioned above by most suppliers.

The average Kratom is...

  • inferior in effectiveness due to incorrect harvesting, drying, and transportation methods.
  • littered with debris such as dirt or sand.
  • augmented with fillers and extracts (our products will NEVER contain these).
  • rough with stem and vein materials still included.
  • has been sitting around waiting to be shipped/sold for months (or longer).
  • one single strain repackaged as all of the "different" strains sold

where to buy kratom

We went through (and continue to do so tirelessly) the long process of developing relationships with our plantations through a stringent screening process in order to ensure that the Kratom that we sell is both the cleanest and freshest product available anywhere. 

We are certain of the incredible quality of ALL of our strains. In fact, we will often only sell a select number of very high quality strains and we only introduce new strains that we have personally carefully studied to meet our strict quality and cleanliness standards. We believe that our customers appreciate this approach as they can be assured that new strains will always match the Samurai standard of excellent quality and freshness.

Herbal Samurai is committed to ensuring that our suppliers are held to the strictest quality standards in all components of the Kratom harvesting, drying, cleaning, transporting, and storage processes.


There is a specific process of harvesting and drying Kratom that determines its quality.

The Kratom from our suppliers is carefully harvested (never rushed), sterilized multiple times, and dried out utilizing natural humidification.

Unlike many (most) suppliers and vendors, ours only ship the Kratom to us in dark vacuum sealed packaging with zero moisture or oxygen. This is a major factor that determines the quality of the Kratom.

The dried Kratom leaves are then ground up to 5 times into fine powder. We NEVER add any fillers.

The result of all of this extra care and meticulousness? The highest quality Kratom in existence.

where to buy kratom


We are frankly quite shocked to see the deplorable cleanliness standards of a lot of vendors.

Our sanitation standard is arguably our most important of all three.

Our suppliers know of the importance of maintaining excellent cleanliness, just as we do.

You will NEVER receive dirty kratom from us, and there will never be any debris in the powder.

The bags will always be fresh and sealed tight when you receive them.

As well, the local cleanliness codes in Southeast Asia are strict and our suppliers are 100% compliant.


We do not purchase massive quantities of Kratom that then sits for long periods of time before it is sold to you. We use advanced inventory management techniques and order in smaller quantities to ensure that all Kratom sold is fresh (under 3 weeks old) while still maintaining adequate supply levels.

Our products are only kept in our temperature controlled facility and they are fully protected from both natural and artificial light. There are no messy industrial materials or chemicals in our facility.

If at times we run out of a particular strain, please understand that it is only temporary and the result of placing a priority on freshness, quality, and cleanliness as opposed to simply moving the most product as possible. We place the utmost importance on freshness, quality, and customer experience.

These standards are the backbone of why our Kratom is the best in the world and we're certain you will think so too.

So going back to the tough question of where to buy kratom?

We are confident your search is over, just like it was for the thousands of customers that have ordered from us (multiple times).

Thank you for visiting Herbal Samurai. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience with us and be very happy with our products.