Our Vision

Herbal Samurai Vision

We created Herbal Samurai with a very specific two-part vision in mind.

First and foremost, we want to share with you a product that has tremendously benefited us in many ways.

Kratom incense has been nothing short of life-changing and we want to spread the word about it.

It has been our experience over the years that many products out there are absolutely useless. You've probably experienced the same thing.

It came as a massive surprise when Kratom turned out to be one of the most potentially game-changing herbal incense products we've ever discovered.

Our only question was: Why haven't we heard about it before?

That question spawned the creation of Herbal Samurai. We needed to get the word out about this incredible product.

Disclaimer: All of our kratom products are sold to be used for botanical study, soap-making, incense, or aromatherapy only. None of our products have been approved by the FDA for internal use. Kratom is NOT a dietary supplement. We do not sell it for consumption. 

highest quality kratom

The second part of our vision is to professionalize the Kratom industry.

As we mentioned in our story, when we first ordered Kratom online we were straight up shocked by just how unprofessional many (not all) Kratom vendors are.

The vast majority take several days to ship orders, make countless mistakes, send ineffective mediocre grade Kratom, and can only sometimes accept credit cards.

While not all Kratom vendors are like this, the vast majority suck.

Our vision is to create a SAFE, FAST, and EASY shopping experience for our customers.

1. Our Kratom quality is second to none. It is the very best in production.

2. Our products are clean, fresh, and contain zero debris or fillers.

3. Orders with Herbal Samurai ship same-day and arrive in 2 - 3 days.

4. Our credit card processing is safe, reliable, and always available.

5. Our customer service generally replies within 10 minutes to a few hours (The average is under 40 minutes currently).

We want you to feel like you're buying from a local friendly store you've been shopping at for years.

highest quality kratom

We've achieved this through our superior product quality, laser-fast cheap shipping, reliable logistics, and first-class customer service...

You are in very good hands with Herbal Samurai, and we are going to provide you with the very best possible introduction to this fantastic product that we've fallen in love with.

We've experienced nothing but positive reviews so far, and we think you'll absolutely love our Kratom too.

Read about our specific standards of excellence here.